Friday, 5 March 2010

Notes on leadership

Những trích dẫn dưới đây lấy từ bài nói chuyện của Shelly Lazarus, Chairman và CEO của Ogilvy & Mather tháng 9/2002. Bài nói chuyện của bà chừng 10 trang giấy A4. Khi đọc lần đầu hồi nào lâu lắm rồi, tôi tôi vàng một số câu. Hôm nay đọc lại vẫn thấy hay nên chép ra đây chia sẻ với các bạn. Leadership là một đề tài hay, nhưng đôi khi một số người cứ tưởng nó chỉ là chuyện của sếp. Thật ra, nó có thể là chuyện của tất cả mọi người. Dù ở vị trí nào trong công ty hay tổ chức thì hiểu về leadership vẫn có lợi cho bạn.

  • Leadership is not the just the purview of CEOs. Leadership doesn’t just happen at the top. It can happen at almost every level, in every organization, everyday. It starts right where you are now.
  • For you to demonstrate leadership, it is very important to know exactly what your contribution is – what it is the company values you for – and then get better at it.
  • To inspire; you must communicate. Communication is not a subset of leadership; it is at the heart of leadership.
  • Your challenge is to find the partners you can succeed with. Find ways to motivate them. Find ways to build a team.
  • Leadership is getting someone else to do what you want to get done because he wants to do it.
  • To achieve true innovation, organizations must make it OK to fail, comfortable to fail, particularly when the initiative was brave and unprecedented.
  • Being a leader – adding value to an organization – is all about being yourself. There is no blueprint to follow. Think about it; the very nature of being a leader is that you are not a follower.


  1. Em đảm bảo sau khi post cái này thì thơ bác Gỗ tự nhiên sẽ thành đắt hàng.
    Post tiếp sẽ là thơ phải không bác? ;)

  2. Cha thay hay ti nao. Chi rat ghet leadership. Dac biet la leadership in public sector. Tai sao cu thich de dau cuoi co nguoi khac ha gioi.


  3. Em thì ghét mấy người ghét leadership:)

  4. Many people are dead set on being leaders while not very few of them aren't even comfortable with commanding others. Try as they might, they can't be as successful as born leaders. When they can be very competent followers and feel good about it, why care about competing with born-leaders? The best way to succeed is to promote and enhance one's natural talent/positive inclinations rather than force the "fashionable" attributes that many people worship down one's throat.

    Btw, does leading means that one has to be a futuristic, innovative pioneer? Or leadership here is just in the sense of "managing"?

    Okay, I'm being childish and hypocritical. I want to be a leader, too :)) I'm bossy by nature so I don't feel like being a follower.